A Cry That Summons The Storm  

« Hold back the edges of your gowns, Ladies, we are going through hell »

a cry that summons the storm

A cry through the space, Liwer announces it in the title, a cry that calls the storm. It would seem a scream of rage and in turn it would seem that other cries rise up as to share a collective condition of disaffection.

The work links an imaginary world to the world of concrete, invocative language to the language of the street in a formal synthesis in which the repetition of a pattern becomes the dialectical movement in which the issues of the contemporary situation merge in the vision of the transcendent.

"A cry in That summons the storm" the principle cause and effect, is punctuated by an action of the present, the scream etched deeply into the wood, and the idea of a future outcome, the bet of an invocation in which this temporal distance becomes the expectation to unify a process that occurs primarily in itself.